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Classes Taught:
Science and Math

Multiplication Games

Multiplication Quizzes

Elon ITest 7

Science Links

Adaptation Game

Habitat Game

Habitat Research

Ocean Information

Pond Information

Swamp Information

Marsh Information

River Information

The Great Habitat Match-Up

Habitat Game

Plant Adaptations

Camel Adaptation Song

Adaptation Game

Animal Adaptation Game

Kid's Corner Food Chain Game

Producer, Consumer, Decomposer Game

Omnivore, Carnivore, Herbivore Game

Food Chain Research

Food Web Research

Physical Properties Game

Physical Change Game

Matter Changes Game

Solid, Liquid, Gas Review Game

Matter Sorter (with Plasma)

Nanotechnology WebQuest

Plasma Research

Nanotechnology Research

BrainPop Quiz

Interactive Water Cycle Map

Water Cycle Game

Interactive Water Cycle

Water Cycle Study Jams

Rocks, Minerals, and Soils Games

Soil Research

Soil Layer Game

Soil Safari

Energy Game 1

Renewable and Nonrenewable Sort

Energy Hog Game

Conservation Game

Moon Phase Game

Earth Moon Sun Game

Earth Moon Sun Game 2

Moon Phases Research

Tide Research

Seasons Research

Day and Night Research


North Carolina Zoo web site

Math Games

Graphing Game 1

Graphing Game 2

Graphing Game 3

Create a Graph

Rounding Game 1

Rounding Game 2

Place Value Game 1

Place Value Game 2

Place Value Game 3 Toon University

Place Value Game 4

Comparing Numbers Game 1

Borrowing Subtraction Game

Practice Math Test

Geometry Flashcards

Math Dictionary

Addition and Subtraction Challenge

Coin Game

Comparing Fractions

Comparing Fractions 2

Comparing and Ordering Fractions 3

Ordering Fractions

Pizza Fractions

Balloon Fractions

Geometry Game

Grammar Links

Abbreviation Game 1

Abbreviation Game 2

Abbreviation Quiz

Abbreviation Spelling Game

Plural Game

Types of Sentences

Types of Sentences 2

Types of Sentences 3

Subject/ Predicate Game

Complete Sentences

Sentence Quiz

Balloon Verb Game

Linking or Action Verb

Verb Tense Game

Irregular Plural Millionaire Game

Contraction Game

Editing Game

Article Game

Article Game 2

Syllable Game 1

Syllable Game 2

Sylable Game 3

SOL Prep

Word Problems Middle

Word Problems Hard

Reading Practice Items

Homophone Game

ABC order game

Base Word Baseball

Word Building

Poetry WebQuest