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Elon Elementary Internet Access Survey

5th Grade Promotion Drive Through 5/29 (4:00-5:00 p.m.)

Special Announcement to all 5th grade students and parents. You are invited to drive through with your families from 4:00-5:00 p.m. for a special moment of acknowledgment. Once you arrive at the front main entrance of the school 5th grade students may get out of their vehicle to allow one parent/family member to take their picture with their classroom teacher in the special designated area at the front of the school. The student will also receive a small token of appreciation package and a 5th Grade Promotion Certificate. Mrs.

Soaring Eagle Distribution & Celebration 5/29/20 (11AM-4PM)

Elon Elementary will be having our Soaring Eagles Drive Through Distribution & Celebration on Friday,  May 29, 2020 from 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Report cards, "End of Year" award certificates, & other items will be distributed at this time. Those unable to attend,  your packages will be mailed directly to your homes on Monday,  June 1st.

1st Grade READING Lesson & Activities for May 11-15, 2020

1st Grade Students and Parents only

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is designated Teacher Appreciation Week. We are so grateful to have the most wonderful teachers, who invest so much of themselves every day.  We could never express how much we love and appreciate all they do for our students. During school closure, they have continued to stay connected and go above and beyond to let our students know we are here for them and we truly miss them. That being said, numerous parents have expressed wanting to drop by "little" gifts of appreciation in honor of teacher appreciation week.

Yearbook Ordering Online

We are excited to let you know that we have been given an extension to order yearbooks online until June 1st. We are only taking online orders, and they are for the yearbook only. The web address is yearbookordercenter.com We are no longer taking any orders for imprinting, Messages from the Heart or Page Sponsors. The price is $23.00

If you have questions about the yearbook orders or photos, you may send an email to elonelemyearbook@gmail.com

Read aloud instructions for at-home learning opportunities

As a resource for all students and parents, Click the corresponding link below to find directions that depict how to access the read aloud feature for PDFs on Google Chrome, Adobe, and Mac. Those two links will provide guidance on how to use the read aloud features available on your devices.

Directions for the PDF Read Aloud Feature using Windows 

Kindergarten Registration Update

Due to social distancing measures, ACPS will not be conducting traditional kindergarten screenings on 4/22 and 4/23. Kindergarten registration forms for the 2020-2021 school year can be filled out online at https://ecollect.accelaschool.com/Amherst.

Please click the link for additional details and other options. (Click here)

ACPS At-Home Learning Opportunities (4/20-5/29/2020)

Use the link below to access the new At-Home Learning Opportunities for PreK through 5th grade.

ACPS At-Home Learning Opportunities April 20-May 29

PreK, Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade are listed by grade level with weeks listed within each folder.

3rd grade, 4th grade, & 5th grade are listed by week. 

Teachers will reach out to communicate with you weekly offering support with the new learning opportunities.  

Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Training for K,1&2 Parents

K,1,&2 Parents: As part of your new & final at-home learning packets that were distributed on April 17th, ACPS has included lessons from our Heggerty Phonemics Awareness Training program. Your children are already familiar with these activities, as they were completing them in school each day with their teacher. However we understand that you are not familiar with how to complete these lessons.


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