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Ms Sharpe

Classes Taught: 
Virginia Studies, Reading, Grammar and Writing



                                                                             CLASSROOM RULES 

1.      Be prepared. 

2.      Show respect to everyone and everything.

3.      Listen and follow directions. 

4.      Raise your hand to speak.

Rewards: praise, stickers, certificates, happy notes or calls home, treat box visits, visits to the principal's Treasure Chest

Consequences: warnings, loss of privileges, change card, notes or calls home, referral to the office

                                                                             GO FOR GREEN!

  We have a behavior modification system that I call “Go for Green.”  It is based on a traffic light design with everyone starting on green each day.  If I have to give several warnings to a student for misbehavior, then I will ask them to change their card to yellow (CAUTION).  If there are more problems, they will be asked to move their name to red (STOP).  It this occurs, the student will receive a note or a call home that day. This sysyem also ties in with our new "Fun Friday" incentive. smiley

                                                             HOMEWORK EXPECTATIONS

      In addition to the Elon Elementary Schoolwide Homework Challenge, 4th grade will also have written (and other) homework assignments.  It is expected that homework be made a top priority & that students put forth their best effort - making sure to complete all assignments as assigned & turn them in on time.  

    Please check (and sign) your child’s agenda daily for assignments and/or notes.  If homework is not completed as assigned, students will be expected to complete it during recess time.


                                                    ***HOMEWORK TIDBITS***

Math: 5 problems (due each Thursday)

Science: study as assigned

History: study as assigned (notebook should be brought home to use for studying)





                                                                       PAPER FOLDERS

 Paper folders will be sent home every Monday.  Please take a few moments to review the enclosed papers with your child and return the signed folder on the next school day.


                                                                         CLASS SUPPLIES

 .                  Please check with your child periodically to see that they have the supplies that they need. 


                                                                            Parenting Tips

                                                                                    for a

                                                                       Successful School Year

  • Read with your child nightly.
  • Talk about their interests.
  • Write notes and hide them in their book bags, lunch boxes, or folder for a nice surprise.
  • Read and discuss school work.
  • Give your child specific duties or chores to do at home to teach responsibility.
  • Set aside special time.
  • Be actively involved in your child’s education. 
  • Attend P.T.O. meetings and functions. 
  • Remain in contact with their teacher(s).
  • Check daily for updates and notes from school.

 I look forward to a great year!! Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns, or compliments. 


                                                              CLASSROOM FOCUS


* HISTORY:  VS.3d Quiz 12/12/19

* ENGLISH: commas 


                                                            EXCELLENT VIRGINIA STUDIES REVIEW


                                           (select Elon Elementary from the dropdown menu; the password is elon)


                                                4th Grade 2019-2020 S.O.L. Testing Dates  (TBA)

                                                                    * Math :  May 

                                                                  * Reading:  May  

                                                                  * Virginia Studies:  


     Although it’s hard to believe, SOL testing will be here before you know it. Testing begins at the end of April this year & runs through the month of May for grades 3-5. In all our efforts to ensure a smooth testing process & foster a “stress-free” atmosphere for the students during this time, we’re asking for your help. It’s very important that every student be here (on time) each testing day - absences and late arrivals disrupt an already extremely busy time & may mean that a student may not be able to test as scheduled. Also, we review throughout the year, but will be spending more time (especially during the months of March, April & May) reviewing & preparing for testing. To this end, realizing that some absences are unavoidable, we ask that you please try to schedule appointments, trips, etc. at times that will not cause your child to miss any (or as little as possible) instructional time. Our class has an excellent attendance record, so I don't anticipate this being an issue, but I wanted to make sure that we are all on the same page. 

                           Thank you for all you do to support your child, our classroom and Elon!






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