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Physical Education K-5










Mr. Roberts Webpage

Welcome to Mr. Roberts webpage.  I have been teaching Physical Education since 1999, and I have been teaching in in Amherst County since 2006.  It is my belief that all children need exercise and movement, and it is my job to instill an appreciation and passion for movement.  With obesity rates across the nation are at an all-time high approaching 33%, it is imperative that they get daily exercise, not only in PE class, but at home.  Exercise is losing the battle with video games, televison, computers, tablets, ipods, and internet.  When the children enter ELON gym, they can expect high energy activities that incorporate gross and fine motor skills.  Many activities involve lead up games that teach certain skills for a sport.  These lead up activities do not diminish the importance of drills and practice, but allow the students to use these skills in postive competition with maximum student participation.  For many students, it teaches them about teamwork, sportsmanship, communication, following rules, and respect.  Most importantly, PE should be fun.  I try to create an enviroment that students enjoy.  I want them to leave the gym full of excitement and enthusiasm for exercising and learning.  I encourage parents to get your children up and moving.  Get them outside!  Unfortunatley, I only see them once or twice a week during the school year.  Studies have shown that children that exercise daily have better grades and test scores and it also improves their moods and energy levels, so help me get them moving. I look forward to a great year.  Check back later for important dates for upcoming schoolyear and a new archery webpage. 


Important Dates


Oct 6-Archery begins in PE class (grades 3-5)

Oct 13-Archery team tryouts in PE class (grades 4-5)

Oct 22-1st Archery Team Practice 3:45-4:45

November 15-7th Annual Elon/Pleasant View Elementary Turkey Trot-

     See attachement for registration form


December 13-Central Virginia Regional Archery Tournament @ ACHS





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