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Yearbook Ordering Online

We are excited to let you know that we have been given an extension to order yearbooks online until June 1st. We are only taking online orders, and they are for the yearbook only. The web address is We are no longer taking any orders for imprinting, Messages from the Heart or Page Sponsors. The price is $23.00

If you have questions about the yearbook orders or photos, you may send an email to

For more information to include all ordering details and updated special features, see below.   

Ordering Details:

1.             Go  to

2.                  Put in the school’s order number which is:  24458

3.                  Once  you confirm that it says Elon Elementary, Madison Heights, VA, click CONTINUE

4.                  Next, click on BUY A YEARBOOK

5.                  Choose your items for purchase:  Yearbook

(We are no longer offering imprinting, Message from the Heart or Page Sponsor)

6.                  Then click BUY THESE ITEMS

7.                  This will take you to the check out page and ask who the yearbook is for. 

8.                  Click STUDENT and it will prompt you to find your student’s name. If it doesn’t come up in your search you may add it.

9.                  Click CHECKOUT and fill in your billing and credit card information.

Special yearbook feature: We are planning to put a COVID-19 page in the yearbook!  We're all living through history right now.  Our stories and perspectives can be used as a primary resource someday.

Here are the guidelines:

- One picture each per family of the teacher parade and/or a study at home picture.  We can't accept more than these due to the limited space on the page.

- The photo must be of a high resolution to be included.

- The photo must include only their family, unless they have permission from the parents of any other children in the photos.

- Please email the pictures to  

We have had a great response so far and would love to have some more photos for the page!  

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