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Welcome Artists!  

The Virtual Elon Elementary School Art Show is officially up and running!  You can access the google slide presentation at the link below.  When it loads, select Present and then click through the show until you reach the Lobby and select the Start Here! cloud button for more direction on how the art show works. (Do not press play in the bottom left corner, the slides go by too fast and it will be out of order.)  Every student has one artwork in the art show that Miss Balint carefully selected, matted, and framed!  We hope you enjoy the Virtual Elon Elementary School Art Show!

Linked at the bottom, is a Summer Art Challenge if you are interested in exploring some different things this summer.  If would like any other art ideas, please send an email- I would love to provide some activities!

Some links to neat things, (please explore with your parent):

Museum Links:

Virtual Tours at the Louvre 

Google Art Project- Virtual Tours of many Exhibitions and Museums 

National Gallery of Art- Kids Page


Online Art "Classes", Lessons, and Projects:

Jules White E-Learning Projects

Mrs. Kit Lang's Art Playlist (Grades 2 and 1)

Mrs. Kit Lang's Little Lessons at Home

Createful Kids Painting Playlist

Createful Kids Drawing Playlist

Famous Artists for Kids- Art History Playlist

Art for Kids Hub Playlists


Miss Lauren Balint 



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