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Ms Kurko

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Title I Reading

           Welcome to the Title I Reading Page!        

 I work daily with classroom teachers to plan and teach the VA English (Reading) SOLs. I come into the classroom and teach along side the classroom teacher when my schedule allows.  I will primarily be serving grades Kindergarten through Second this school year.                                                               

I am excited to work with your child this year on the following literacy components:

·        Reading:  Reading books on your child's instructional and independent reading level

·        Word Study: Sorting words by their patterns  (Please look for a list of picture and/or word cards coming home each week.  Please help your child sort the cards the way we have learned to in class.)

·        Comprehension: Understanding what is read.  We are working this year to incorporate 7 reading strategies to help with comprehension.  Those strategies are Predicting, Summarizing, Inferring/drawing conclusions, Making Connections, Visualizing, Determining importance, and Synthesizing

·        Fluency: Reading with speed, accuracy, and expression in your voice. 

-        Phonemic Awareness/Phonics:  Hearing and manipulating the sounds in words in order to read and decode words.  

·      I strongly encourage you to READ and WRITE daily with your child to help reinforce decoding, comprehension, and fluency, and to help your child become more confident in the writing process.  Reading aloud to your child helps to build vocabulary and background knowledge! 

TOGETHER we can help your child reach his/her full potential in the learning process and become a more confident, successful reader!  

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