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Mrs Thompson

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5th grade Math, Writing, Grammar



Fifth Grade Happenings!

Welcome to 5th grade!


This year's fifth grade theme...


Upcoming Events for Fifth Grade

Click here for the ACPS 2017-2018 School Calendar

April 16 - 20 Spring Book Fair

April 18 Spring Talent Show, Art Show & Family Book Fair Night

April 21 - Honey Bee Festival at ACHS (EES PTO will have an information table that day)

April 25 & 26 Kindergarten Registration

April 27 - Inclement weather makeup day, students attend school.

April 30 - Parent / Teacher conferences 4p.m. - 6p.m.

May 1 - Science SOL Assessment

May 10 & 11 - Reading SOL Assessment

May 21 & 22 - Math SOL Assessments

May 23 - Field Day

May 25 - Last day of school; Report Cards go home; Fifth Grade Promotion Ceremony 10:15 a.m.; Half -day dismissal at 12:15 p.m.







Supply List

1 small bookbag

1 clipboard **NO TRAPPER KEEPERS or binders **

2 boxes crayons (24 count each)

4 to 8 gluesticks

8 to 12 Expo markers (at least 4 large and 4 small)

1 pack loose leaf notebook paper

4 Spiral notebooks (2 Red and 2 Yellow - one subject)

1 pencil pouch with zipper

1 flashdrive (1 gig)

2 packs twistable crayons (not colored pencils; Crayola preferred)

pencils, at least 4 to 8 packs (these are used daily)

1 pair large (adult - sized) scissors

1 box tissues

1 container disinfecting wipes

1 plastic folder with pockets

erasers ( 1 or more pack cap erasers and 4 large pink erasers)

1 pair earbuds

highlighters (1 pack - variety of colors)


The following items are not required, but donations to the classroom would be appreciated. (Choose one or two for donations.)

envelopes (small)

colored printer paper or cardstock

hand sanitizer

unscented baby wipes

ziplock sandwich bags

jumbo craft sticks (large popsicle sticks)

extra Expo markers


Weekly Newsletter

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Behavior Expectations

All students are expected to follow the 3 Rs : 

BE Responsible,

BE Respectful,


BE Ready to learn


 Mrs. Thompson's Homeroom's Weekly Resource Schedule










alternating weeks

Library Enrichment




Math Objectives 

Click here for the ACPS 5th Grade Math Pacing Guide.

Refer to the weekly newsletter for specific information regarding weekly objectives and upcoming assignments.


Math Resources






Writing/ Grammar 

Click here for the ACPS 5th Grade English (Reading, Grammar, and Writing) Pacing Guide.

Refer to the weekly newsletter for specific information regarding weekly objectives and upcoming assignments.


Agenda/Monday Folders


       Students will write their assignments in their agenda.  Also, I ask that parents/guardians sign the agenda each day.

    Monday Folders will be sent home each Monday. The folder will contain assignments completed during the course of the week. Parents are asked to review the assignments with the student, sign the Monday Folder, and return the folder to school the following day. 


Power School Parent

PowerSchool’s Parent Portal gives parents and guardians information including attendance, grades, and other school information. The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a valuable tool, helping you stay informed of your student’s academic progress and attendance. 



Contact Mrs. Thompson

The best way to reach Mrs. Thompson:





Write a note in your student's agenda.


I look at both of these every day!


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