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Mrs. Luther

Classes Taught: 
Math, Science, Reading, History, English, Spelling

This week in Luther's Room:

Math:  (New) angles, (REVIEW) elapsed time, word problems, fraction/decimals compare/order
Science:  sound waves, pitch, frequency  NEW NOTEBOOKS THIS WEEK!
Novel:  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
English:  Writing hooks, adjectives, adverbs
History:  Colonial people and relationships with England

We are using several websites to help us build background knowledge and practice current skills.  All of the following can be accessed from home for extra practice:

Math:  Students all have an account with  and

Reading:  Your child will have an account with either or

Grammar, phonics, and spelling:  Log in to

Science:  Our units for 3rd Quarter are Sound and Light, but feel free to review any topic from the list at

History units can also be reviewed at




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